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Since 2014 to today, our company offer;  


interpreting and written translation services,

export and import consultancy

international commercial and individual law


to the companies want to extend into new markets and improve manufactures and trade.

In import, export, customs operations and logistics issues, we are successfully carrying out translation of commercial documents, tender dossiers, contracts and specifications, logistics and custom documents of the firms that we support with our experienced, highly skilled foreign language team. We are trying to give the best service to our precious companies by combining our translation skill with our foreign trade knowledge.

In addition, our company aims to be one of the leading companies in the sector that offers all kinds of interpreting and written translation services in all official languages ​​of the world. Our aim is to produce professional, fast and economical solutions for all foreign language needs of our customers.


In the fields of International Trade and Law;

  Being an Knowing, Understanding, Thinking, Offering Solutions, Creating and Developing Organizations

Customer-Oriented, Flexible, Quality, Solution-Oriented PLUS CREATING VALUES


Providing Quality Service, Applying Unconditional Customer Happiness, Competing, Being Flexible and Honest.


Official Knowledges About the Firm

Belkadil International Consulting and Foreign Language Co.Ltd.

Mersis Number: 0163070981400001

Trade Registration Number:146319-5

Tax Number: Esenyurt V.D. 1630709814

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