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Belkadil Your Foreign Language Solution Partner

Your Foreign Language Solution Partner

Contract and Project Translatorship

Sworn Notarized Translation In All Languages

Apostille and Consular Approval

Business Meetings & Factory Tours Interpreting

Domestic and International Fair Presentation Interpretership

Establishing Foreign Language Communication Systems and Developing Business Processes

Conference, Seminar and Launch Meetings

Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreter

Since 2014... 



corporate document transactions 


individual document transactionsi 


business meeting interpreting 


fair presentation interpreting 


companies we work actively


notaries we work with


international labour contracts


notary and apostille approval


foreign commercial activities


foreign legal solutions

Creating  Foreign Customer Network

Foreign Market Research and Opinion Statement

Foreign Company Opening and Government Promotions

Ensuring International Validity of Commercial Documents

Our Foreign Commercial Solutions


Foreign Working Partnership and Continuous Cooperation

Our International Legal Solutions


Preparation of International Commercial Agreement

International Commercial Dispute Resolution


Preparation of Foreign Payment Orders

International Legal Opinion

Individual Legal Solutions

International Legal Validity of Documents Prepared In Abroad and Domestic

Our Important Activities

Foggy Pier


The English translations of the product technical procedures file of the Poseidon Underwater Products company have been completed.

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