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We carry out researches of entry into the market and increase in a share of the market of the export companies in the foreign markets, and assist in diversification of export production and the market.


Development of the market is defined as an entrance into a new market with the existing products and is one of the most important strategy of increasing the export indicators of our companies. We carry out marketing researches, together with the reports on the market and sector showing a way to your company in accordance with strategy of development of the market.


After an assessment of information received from our research, we get data on market size and its growth, tendency, the names and addresses of potential export companies and distributors, as well as current information on trade exhibitions and trade publications.


We prepare the file of market research together with the analysis of SWOT answering questions necessary for an entry into the new market such as a choice of the target market, the size of the market   , production, consumption, import, competition, trade in products, the customs duties, etc.




Our consulting company provides support services of import and export operations to the Turkish and foreign firms in the course of international trade.


We continue to provide export services of quality products with competitive prices according to foreign requirements by realizing careful research of the foreign markets.


By identification of requirements of firms in the foreign and domestic markets in the field of international trade, we carry out works on increase in profitability of clients, increase of efficiency of their internal activity and increase in value of brands.


Belkadil, with staff specialized in foreign trade, pursuing a customer-oriented principle of operation, will always be with you concerning management of export/import, global services of management, customs procedures, etc.

You concentrate on production in the best way at the most acceptable price, and we will think of export!



In the scope of increasing the commercial activities of your companies at domestic and abroad, we were with you for your long and short term international projects.

Abroad trips and establishing costomer network,  international supply chain and logistics network, foreign factory and warehouse installation, foreign company establishment, international commercial and legal documents.


We are working in accordance with the growth of business and development of mutual trust, carrying out strategic partnerships with firms, which are often in need of translation and interpretation.

We provide continuous coordinated work with you to meet your requests for business meetings, participation in exhibitions within the country or abroad, increasing the share of the foreign market, in export and import operations.

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