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Notification About Notary Approval Fee

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Valid for the year 2023

Approval fee of one page translation document is 565 TL (nearly 20 USD) in the notary. Pricing is the same in all notary in Turkey. This fee does not include translation fees. (Ministry of Justice, "Notary Law")

Pricing for a page changes according to the density of the text within the page.

* A page approval fee is 565 TL (nearly 20 USD) for the documents with low writing density such as diplomas, passports etc.

* Pricing is 565 x 2 = 1130 TL (nearly 40 USD) for contracts, power of attorney, transcripts and similar documents with a high writing density. (One page)

* This fee may be up to 565 x 3 = 1696 TL (nearly 60 USD) in the case of documents consisting small letters and densely written such as contracts, power of attorney, transcripts, etc. (One Page)

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